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Dr. Greg Santarelli

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Dr. Deno Tiboris

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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Dr. Grace Kunst


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Surgical Assistant

Angie Santarelli
Angie Santarelli

Nurse Practitioner

State of the Art Technology

At Santarelli & Tiboris Oral and Facial Surgery, we are committed to the utmost patient comfort and providing the best possible patient care. Utilizing the latest technological advances in equipment allows us to reduce patient discomfort, avoid traditionally invasive and painful procedures, and reduce the time and number of sessions required for procedures. The following are some of those technologies:

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) is a special type of x-ray equipment used when regular dental or facial x-rays are not sufficient. Your doctor may use this technology to produce three dimensional (3-D) images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan. CBCT is also used in conjunction with special software to aid in planning and placing dental implants.

Intraoral scanning

Intraoral scanners were designed to allow for elimination of conventional impression materials as well as facilitating a digital workflow. This means cleaner record capture, fewer trips to the office and faster turn around of prosthetics from the lab.


Piezoelectric Bone Surgery is a process that utilizes piezoelectric vibrations in the application of cutting bone tissue. It is indicated for use in oral, maxillofacial, cranial and spinal procedures. By adjusting the ultrasonic frequency of the device, it is possible to cut hard tissue while leaving soft tissue untouched.

Ellman Radiofrequency

Using a radiofrequency device in place of a scalpel minimizes bleeding and can improve precision in varying intraoral and extraoral surgical procedures


Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is a mainstay of periodontal therapy. Lasers have multiple applications for use around teeth and dental implants.

Centrifuge for PRP (platelet rich plasma)

Your doctor can draw and use your own blood products to assist with soft tissue healing. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) are the most commonly used extracts.

Brumaba chairs

These German-designed zero-gravity ergonomic patient chairs offer the most functionality and comfort available on the market. This technology improves positioning for both patient and provider during longer procedures.

“I truly enjoyed my visits and am sorry to see the end. How many oral surgeons have patients who can comment as such?”

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